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Get a ballpark estimate of the financial impact of your Customer experience program by putting a few simple figures into our ROI calculator.

The calculator covers the main areas of benefit achieved by CX programs: customer churn, word of mouth advocacy, cross sell/upsell, cost to serve and complaint handling. You don’t need to put numbers into every area: the calculator will work with just one. And don’t worry if you don’t have accurate numbers, put in your best guess then move it up and down to see how it affects the results.

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When you’ve finished playing with numbers you can get a report based on your final selection. This will give you an explanation of each area of benefit, summarizing your figures into a concise pdf document you can share with stakeholders.


Current Company Data

Number of Customers
Average Customer Spend
% of Promoters (if unknown assume 20%)
50 %

Expected CX Benefit Areas

Reduced Churn
Customer Churn
10 %
More Spending
Promoter Spend
80 %
Positive Word of Mouth
Social Media Use in Your Market
Customer Service Calls To Contact Center
Reduction in Calls
-2 %
Cost of a Call
Number of Complaints
Reduction in Complaints
-2 %
Cost of Handling a Complaint

Total Benefits $259,500


Benefits By Value Driver

  Reduced Churn $30,000
  More Spending $160,000
  Positive Word of Mouth $37,500
  Cost to Serve $20,000
  Customer Service Complaints $12,000

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Happy with what you’ve created? Download the report now so you can review the data and share the figures with key stakeholders to help you demonstrate the potential value of your program. You’ll find clear explanations of the terms we’ve used to speed things along.

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We realize that every business case is unique. That's why in addition to the ROI calculator featured here, we also offer a more comprehensive tool to measure the ROI of improving a wide range of CX metrics while working in conjunction with a Confirmit VoC expert.